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Meet Lou Gutowsk, IM Creator’s Designer of the Month

2.04.14 By Ruthie No comments

Creating your own website is a simple and pleasant process thanks to builders like IM Creator. However, sometimes you want to hire a pro, whose been doing this for a while and can help you build your dream website. Many designers use IM as it is a flexible tool for them to create beautiful sites that Google loves (clients love that too :-P). Lou Gutowsk is one of the designers working with IM and building great websites to clients. We asked him how it is to work with IM’s website builder and to share some design tips while we sit down with him.

Lou built many sites for his clients on IM and even his own portfolio.


Hey Lou! What’s the first thing you ask a client when asked to create a website for them? 

The first thing I ask my clients is what is the overall theme they are looking to portray with their website.  What message do they want to send to their possible clients?

Where do you find your design inspiration?  

I spend a lot of time researching all different design websites and creative blogs to draw inspiration as well as keep up with the new trends and popular topics of discussion in the design world.  I love looking at logo design websites to see how creative people are with their logo design as well as other IM Creator websites that are posted on their Facebook page which helps give me ideas as to what people are doing with the software and how I can expand my creativity using it.


What’s the most common mistake you see clients make when planning a website?  

Took much content.  Less is more…people aren’t likely to spend but a few minutes on your site so you have to be sure to keep their attention and not make them feel overwhelmed.

What’s the easiest thing to do in order to make a website look up-to-date all the time?

Keep it basic….make people feel like they can easily find what they are there to find.  The more facts and information you add to your site the more likely that information is to not hold true in the future and makes the site look out of date.

Why do you like using IM Creator?  

IM Creator allows me to create a creative and customized site without having to worry about writing code.  Simple to use and fun.

Thanks Lou, I’m blushing ;-)What’s the best web design tip you can share with IM users?

Keep it simple and basic.  Less is more…don’t overthink things.  Allow people to visit your site and find what they want quickly and easily.


want to be the next IM Designer of the Month?  Send us an email to design[@]!

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