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Top 6 Questions Web Designers Get Asked

20.05.15 By ryan No comments

#1 How much does it cost? Yes, you guessed it. The first question web designers usually get asked is “What does it cost?” No surprises there. Everyone wants to spend as little as possible so their first concern is how much cash they will have to fork over. How much you charge as a web designer is […]

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Why You Should Develop a Niche Web Design Portfolio

4.05.15 By Erez No comments

As a web designer, your portfolio is the single most important piece of marketing you have. It conveys to potential customers what you can do, how you do it, and the benefits they will reap from your hard work. However, there are differing opinions about the form a web designer’s portfolio should take. Some web […]

Photoshop Alternatives for Today's Web Designer