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Squeeze More Revenues From Your Current Clients

20.01.15 By ryan No comments

Last time I checked, the goal of business is to make money. It’s also nice to love what you do. And that’s probably why you’re thinking of starting a web design business. But don’t forget about the “Benjamins.” And I’m not just talking about $100 bills. Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you […]

5 things they didn't teach in design school

Top 4 Website Design Client Complaints & How We Solve Them

6.01.15 By ryan No comments

Complaints are prevalent in any service industry, but a few very common complaints have defined the web design industry. I speak with prospects all the time who have left other web designers, and I hear the same complaints over and over. If you’re an aspiring web designer, eliminate these complaints and you’re on the road […]

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