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The Art of the Testimonial: How to Get Your Clients to Rave About You

27.05.15 By Erez No comments

One of your best marketing weapons is the customer testimonial. Testimonials serve to substantiate what you’ve said all along – that you’re a great designer that produces an excellent product and delivers results that meet or exceed expectations. However, you saying all that is way different than a customer saying all that. Recent studies have […]


How to Make a Website From Scratch?

11.05.15 By Erez No comments

Building a website using today’s tools Building a simple website used to be an ordeal that was only attempted by those with a large enough budget or the extensive knowledge to build one from scratch. As times have changed, and new technology invented, building a website today is nothing like it was ten years ago. New […]

Why You Should Develop a Niche Web Design Portfolio