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Client Spotlight – With Henri Goldmann, cartoonist

10.02.14 By Erez No comments

Have a strong brand? Don’t be afraid to build a new site!

Here at IM Creator, we love browsing through websites built on our platform and are always happy to see beautiful new sites and get familiarized with the people behind them.

Blunt Pencil has been Henri Golsmann’s brand for years and is his portfolio website. It showcases his amazing work as a cartoonist-caricaturist-illustrator throughout the years. Henri is a well-published, award winning and renowned artist with work published in huge publications. We chatted with Henri to learn more about his work and terrific website.

Did you have a website before building one with IM Creator?

Working as a cartoonist-caricaturist-illustrator, it is crucial to have an online portfolio. I had the same domain name, but with another host since 2000

What was your goal when building a new site with IM Creator?

With my old host provider, I saw a slow increase over the years up to about 40K visitors in 2008. But since then, mysteriously, the visitor count went down dramatically to about a few hundreds a month in 2013. I needed to change to a new, modern website with the latest back end (SEO) technologies and a builder that thinks outside the box. I also wanted a high tech, yet easy to use online website builder with an easy ‘Publish’ button instead of a complicated software and FTP file upload where you are bound to make a mistake.

Granny Spitfire promo 2014

What was your favorite part about designing your website?

The fact that I can import gif animations and layer PNG files on top of each other in addition to image slideshows is what convinced me that IM Creator was the superior solution to my high expectations for the effects I would like to see. In addition, I received excellent tech support in regards to some Html/SEO questions so that helped out the process.

Did you build the site yourself?

Yes, I built the site myself. Though the templates looked very professional, I wanted to see how far I could take this. I used a template, and deleted all the elements, kept the basic frame in order for the site to display well on a tablet and smartphone as well.


What would you say has been the biggest change since publishing the site? Have you been able to reach a different audience?

I published my website with IM Creator last month, so it is still a little too early to tell. It was, however, very important for me to keep my domain name (as it has been a part of my brand for the past 14 years) so I’m glad IM has an option to connect an existing domain. I am confident that with the new technical back end of the site, it is now much easier to use, quicker to view, and much more clear for Google to index which in turn, should result in higher ranking.

More of Henri’s amazing work:

KNots-poster-by-Henri2-MINI Obama mug by Henri Goldsmann  henri ajax stripposter harold promo small

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