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Client Spotlight – Ursula, a Fashion Consultant

15.05.14 By Ruthie No comments

Meet Ursula, a London fashion consultant who loves building websites :-)

Ursula Gross-Hohnacker is a Fashion Consultant and personal shopper who built several sites with IM.
We asked her recently about designing websites, her experience with IM and life in general ūüėČ

Hi Ursula, so where do you find your design inspiration? We noticed your sites are very welcoming, with a lot of bright colors.

I have built 3 websites with IM Рfashion, fashion accessories and fragrance. So I try to find inspiration in different places, depending on the nature of the site.  I think color, the natural world and fashion constantly inspire me.

You can check out Ursula’s Pinterest Page


What’s the first thing you ask a client when asked to create a website for them?

I try first to get an idea of the image or branding a client (or just a friend seeking advice) is looking to achieve. From there, it’s easier to be able to portray an identity.

What’s the most common mistake you see clients make when planning a website? 

Making them too obscure and artsy rather than sticking to their central subject.

What’s the easiest thing to do in order to make a website look up-to-date all the time?

I would make sure your homepage looks fresh, even if you haven’t got the time to update all of the content. An outdated website can make sure a bad impressions.

Why do you like using IM Creator?

Simplicity, friendly people (thanks, Ursula! :-P)¬†and it gave me, who was a novice, a chance to do something a lot of people said I can’t.

What’s the best web design tip you can share with IM users?

Do not over-complicate things – make the site easy to navigate – I’m still learning this and allow the site to grow with you which is just what IM allows you to do.

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