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Client Spotlight – LoveAndBeLoved Photography

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Meet Shaun and Tracy Weibe from Alberta, Canada. Husband and wife with a shared love for photography who decided to make their hobby into a family business and have been working together for 5 years now.

We asked them if they could tell us a little more about their new and beautifully designed site

Having had a cookie cutter template website for many years, it was time to think outside the box and design something that was unique. When we started the process of designing our site, we wanted something that would represent who we are as a couple, as individuals, as well as the passion we have for what we do as photographers. We wanted our website and our brand to be fun, romantic, and candid so everything chosen for our site was based around those words. We were in the process of designing a website with a different website builder when a friend introduced us to IM Creator. From the moment we first tried it we knew it was a perfect fit for us. IM Creator is amazing!! From start to finish our website only took about a month to create and perfect. We had a design in mind going in, and IM Creator made it incredibly easy to make that design dream a reality. Shaun and Tracy used many of IM’s features when creating their site. When thinking of their site’s menu, Shaun and Tracy used IM’s option to build their own menu. This option allowed them to link their blog (built on Blogger) to the Blog menu tab.

We would definitely recommend doing an inspiration board before your design your website. Make a photo collage of everything that you love and that inspires you (fonts, colors, textures, design elements, materials, etc). You will be amazed at how everything just seems to fall into place after that.

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