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Client Spotlight – My Green Gifts Project

17.10.13 By Erez No comments

Antoniya Kuneva studied graphic design and created her site on IM Creator as part of her studies. Her site is built as a one page site, using different backgrounds to separate the sections of the site. 

We wanted to hear a little more about her sustainability project and how it came to life.

The website is part of my Final Major Project at University, where I had the chance to promote something I really care about – sustainability. I graduated this summer but will continue to update the website and improve it by adding new information and DIY gift tutorials.


My project included a series of posters in a pack which aim to encourage a change in our attitude towards presents. The posters were just a call for action so that the viewer can go onto the MyGreenGifts web site and find out more. 


The palette was inspired by nature and so the dominant colours are green and earthy cream. Each section has an illustration which fits in with the type of gift it talks about. Both the logo and the drawings are in the DIY spirit which I try to encourage when it comes to gift giving. It can be very frustrating to wait for different web pages to load, especially when you are not sure what you are looking for.


The “scroll to element” feature at IM works perfectly because the viewer can scroll back and fourth to compare different gift ideas or just go straight onto their desired section without having to re-load the page.

I found out about IM Creator through an article I read on It gave me the freedom of not having to worry about code and worked great as I did not have the time to learn HTML but wanted to build a high quality web site for my project.  The process which took the longest was the planning and research, for example I read through a ton of articles about cosmetic products, recycling and DIY blogs.  

I then had to plan the wireframe (and links) so that it makes sense to a viewer and works efficiently, this also influenced the design of the web page and so when it came to actually building it, I had a clear plan of what it was going to look like and how the links would work. It took me about two weeks to build the web site and then test it on different screen resolutions etc. 

My tip to IM creator users is to plan ahead, think of what the aim of your web site is and design the pages accordingly. Make your web site unique but useful!

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