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Learning Development -73 Best Online Resources

3.12.14 By Ali No comments

The Internet has long been an excellent medium for disseminating information. But in recent years, there has been a movement to harness the power of the Internet to offer advanced learning opportunities to anyone, anywhere, so long as they have a computer and an Internet connection. Now anyone can learn how to work with Ruby on Rails, develop an iPhone app, or write beautiful HTML5 code. There are also many open education sites that provide valuable information about the business-related aspects of being a web designer.

Figuring out the best places to learn on the web can be a bit tricky. Not all sites are trustworthy, and some charge quite a lot of money for their services. However, there are a wealth of websites that offer free or low-cost learning opportunities for students of all ability levels. In this post, we’ve gathered the best the web has to offer in terms of high-quality programs that will help you hone your existing skills or help you acquire new ones.

Our design team will be adding fresh, new resources to this list each month. Leave a comment below if you’ve used any of the resources we’ve listed here or if you’ve come across another valuable site you’d like to share. Also stay on top of all the latest online learning opportunities by signing up for our newsletter.

73. Code Avengers


If you are looking for a fun way to learn computer programming, this is your best bet. It also includes modules on web design. You can participate in interactive coding challenges and go on fun bug hunts. You will also have access to missions which allow you to learn JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. The lessons can be used by people of any age.

72. Coderwall


Coderwall is a community where thousands of developers gather and share their achievements and projects with one another. You can share your expertise and experience, and vice versa. Most importantly, you will get some seriously amazing tips, and find many opportunities for growth.

71. The Starter League

The Starter League

If you are not properly trained and guided, trying to build web applications can be a long and painful process. The Starter League will provide you with detailed instructions and formal guidance on how to carry out the development of your app, from designing the user experience to building the backend to marketing your finished product.

70. Pluralsight


Pluralsight was created by a group of developers who want to provide high quality training experiences for developers, artists, and IT admins. It is by developers for developers. They have a huge online library with courses in practically any area you can think of when it comes to development.

70.a. TekPub

This resource focuses on educating developers. There are various topics you can study, including JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. There are in-depth tutorials available too. This venture has been acquired by Pluralsight, and therefore the video tutorials can be accessed via Pluralsight itself.

70.b. PeepCode

PeepCode offers one hour screencasts on various topics on the development side. You can follow their tutorials to make the entire learning process very easy. This site has been acquired by Pluralsight as well.

69. Hacker Rank

69. Hacker Rank

HackerRank is practically a game. Coders compete in programming contests in order to beat the top scores of other programmers. All you have to do is solve challenges that could involve algorithms, coding and even topics related to artificial intelligence.

68. Mozilla Webmaker

68. Mozilla Webmaker

These guys want you to move on from just the Web to try and create something amazing. They have plenty of exciting tools to offer to help you become more web literate. They also have a global community of creators who offer their expertise in teaching digital skills. These creators include all sorts of journalists, filmmakers, developers and educators.

67. Google Developers University Consortium

67. Google Developers University Consortium

Google’s University Consortium offers different courses on mobile and web development. There are many useful tools available, especially if you are working with the Android platform or Google Maps.

66. Android Training

If you are willing to train yourself in the art of Android, you will find an amazing collection of classes to help you with the process at Android Training. Build up your knowledge of Android and use your time to do some creation of your own.

65. Programr

65. Programr

This is an online lab for people who wish to learn programming. Their goal is to provide you with skills you will need in order to do some major programming. You can even test your coding skills by completing different assignments and the best part is that you can create your own applications right from the browser.

64. Learn Code the Hard Way

Learn Code the Hard Way starts you out by working with code. After you have mastered that process, you will learn the theory behind what you’ve done. Finally, the website will focus on practice by offering various exercises which should help you in boosting your confidence.

63. Dash

63. Dash

Use this resource to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript through all sorts of fun projects that you can complete right in your browser.

62. Web Design Circuit

This is a 12 week, instructor-led course that teaches you the basics of HTML, CSS and other basic web design skills. You will have weekly goals automatically set for you. You will also have the ability to interact directly with your instructors in case of difficulties.

61. Hack Design

61. Hack Design

Hack Design is a simple, easy-to-follow course for new designers. You will receive a design course in your inbox every single week, each of which are specifically created by professionals. This is a great resource for people who work well at their own pace.

60. Code School

60. Code School

Code School includes video lessons, coding challenges and screencasts related to iOS development, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, and much more. No downloads. No setup. Everything is accessible through your web browser.

59. Codecademy

59. Codecademy

Easily learn how to create your own interactive websites, applications and games. You can also build your own projects. Moreover, you can join groups in order to code with the friends you make in this vast community.

58. Codewars

58. Codewars

Codewars offers fun challenges that help users build their coding skills. Train in the kata to hone your existing skills or take on a new development language to expand your knowledge.

57. LearnStreet

This particular resource makes coding easier for everyone, whether you’re learning Ruby, Python or JavaScript; these guys have everything. Build your skills with their interactive courses and fun projects. You may be able to code, but can you break the code?

56. PHP Academy

PHP Academy offers free tutorials on PHP and other topics regarding web development, including CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. You can get free video tutorials too, and of course via a premium membership you get a lot more.

55. PLAYterm

55. PLAYterm

This is where CLI users share their skills in order to inspire others. You have the option of replaying your terminal sessions online if you like. It also provides sweet embed codes which you can then put on your own website.

54. The New Boston

54. The New Boston

At The New Boston, Bucky Robers makes education available for everybody. He also has a YouTube channel which features a lot of tutorials about all things computers. He covers topics such as Java, C++, Python, and much more.

53. gotoAndLearn

53. gotoAndLearn

If you are looking to learn Flash, this is the best free video tutorial resource. You can also learn game development and HTML5.



You can explore more than 15 programming languages on this site. Some of these languages include Ruby, Python, Lua and Scheme. You can view this resource on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. You can also save your session and share it with other people.

51. The Pragmatic Bookshelf

The Pragmatic Bookshelf offers more than just books. It provides access to different videos, audio files and of course, books. The books focus on web development and they are written by successful programmers.


50. 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS

If you have no clue where to start with HTML and CSS, use this free resource to get going. It will provide you with one daily video for a period of 30 days. Just spend 10 minutes on a topic and you are good to go. By the end you will have all the building blocks you need to be a HTML and CSS genius.

49. A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS

49. A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS

This is a simple but comprehensive guide for beginners and novices in the field of HTML and CSS. The learning modules discuss all the fundamentals and common elements of design.

48. Don’t Fear the Internet

48. Don’t Fear the Internet

If you are aren’t wanting to learn how to code but want some usable backend skills, you may want to check out Don’t Fear the Internet. This resource is dedicated primarily to WordPress, but offers some light training in HTML and CSS as well.


47. Backbone Screencasts

47. Backbone Screencasts

This resource offers a bunch of screencasts that will be very useful to you if you’re learning Backbone.js. There are quite a lot of live coding sessions, where you’re walked through everything from step-by-step basics to advanced troubleshooting.

46. appendTo

46. appendTo

appendTo offers a number of different lessons which you can use to develop skills with JS and jQuery. You can watch free screencasts without even signing up. The screencasts are 10 minutes long, so it doesn’t take much of a commitment to hone your skills.

45. JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden provides documentation about various different parts of jQuery. It offers advice on how to avoid common mistakes, talks about bugs might encounter and it also highlights key performance areas and issues.

44. NodeSchool

44. NodeSchool

If you are looking to learn Node.js, this is the site for you. It’s open source workshops cover the core concepts of Node.js, and also offers various elective topics from which you can choose. There is a list of free events you can join in on as well.

43. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

If you fancy a good read about introductory JavaScript programming, sit down with this free digital book. Read it in English, French, Polish or German.

42. Node Tuts

42. Node Tuts

Another healthy resource of tutorials on Node.Js. Check out asynchronous programming principles, streams, modules, and domain errors.

Ruby on Rails

41. Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This book, written by Michael Hartl, is all about web development using Ruby on Rails. It’s available for free online. Check the website for details.

40. TryRuby

Known for its simplicity and power, Ruby is a highly popular programming language. You can experiment with this language right in your browser by following several fifteen-minute, highly-interactive tutorials offered by TryRuby.

39. Hackety Hack

39. Hackety Hack

These guys will teach you the basics of programming by introducing the very powerful Ruby platform. You can start building your skills from scratch and use those in turn, to build various applications and websites.

38. Virtuous Code

Upon subscription to Virtuous Code you will receive new screencasts regarding the Ruby language every Monday and Thursday. If English is not your first language, or if you prefer reading rather than watching, the scripts for each screencast are available on the website.

37. RubyMonk

This is an interactive platform for learning Ruby from the very basics to more advanced skills and topics. The tutorials are free, but they do take donations if you are willing to help out.

36. Rails for Zombies

Rails for Zombies helps you learn the powerful Ruby language in a fun manner. After a few short introductory videos, you can start playing around right in your browser and be on your way to learning Ruby. These courses are primarily designed for beginners, but more experienced people can have fun too.

35. RailsCasts

35. RailsCasts

This particular resource is by Ryan Bates. It offers free weekly screencasts that feature tips and tricks for Ruby on Rails. The topics target various users from intermediate to more advanced ones. You can also subscribe for additional screencasts.


34. Drawspace

34. Drawspace

If you are into drawing, you may want to visit this resource. Drawspace features a huge library of free lessons which you can download. They will allow you to strengthen your current abilities and gain new ones as well. You can become an active member of this community by maintaining a profile, where you can keep track of your progress as you learn.

Miscellaneous Lessons from the Web

33. Treehouse

33. Treehouse

Treehouse offers resources for beginner, intermediate, and even expert designers and developers. Their library includes thousands of videos on PHP, Python, iOS, WordPress, various business topics, and much more. Give their self-guided lessons a try, or if you need more structure, try one of their learning tracks.

32. Tuts+ Premium

This is a subscription-based platform that focuses on developing creative and technical skills. Graphic design, photography, web development and web design are just a few of the tutorial topics they offer. All the content is created by professionals and leading experts.

31. Ontwik

31. Ontwik

These guys gather the latest lectures and conferences from different web designers and developers in one easy-to-access repository. Topics include JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, UI and much, much more.

30. A Student’s Guide to Web Design

30. A Student’s Guide to Web Design

A Student’s Guide to Web Design offers insights into working in the web design industry that they don’t teach you in school. The focus here is on real-life skills that help new designers apply for jobs and secure employment.

29. #The50

The 50 is another great resource that seeks to help new designers bridge the gap between school and work. Each tip is written in 140 characters or less, making them to the point as well as easily Tweetable.

28. Jessica Hische’s Thoughts

Need some advice regarding internships, networking and pricing? Check out Jessica Hische’s blog. She offers her insights into some anxiety-inducing problems that creative types face on a daily basis.

27. The Secret Handshake

27. The Secret Handshake

This is a fantastic resource for people who want keen, insider information when it comes to becoming a professional designer. Local events and a yearly conference are also offered to give young professionals an opportunity to network.

26. WaSP InterAct Curriculum

WaSP InterAct is a community-driven initiative to provide the most up-to-date resources for individuals studying to be web professionals. From front-end and server-side development to web design and professional practices, each learning track offers the latest insights into the fast-changing world of working with the web.

25. Conference Organizer’s Handbook

Planning and organizing a conference is not always an easy job, so if organizing such things is in your job description check out this book. From the early stages of brainstorming a concept to wrapping things up on the final day, discover all you need to do to have your conference go off without a hitch.

24. TED

24. TED

This application allows you to download and listen to all the incredible ideas presented during the TED talks. If you’re need some inspiration, look no further.

23. Khan Academy

23. Khan Academy

These guys just want to provide a free and quality education to everyone in the world. All you need to access their site is an internet connection and you are good to go. They have a huge library of videos, from programming to world history.

22. University of Reddit

22. University of Reddit

This is an open-source, peer-to-peer learning platform that offers courses on a wide variety of topics, from computer science to math to languages.  The lessons are absolutely free too!

21. VideoLectures.Net


21. VideoLectures.Net

As the title suggests, this is a video resource of different lectures from conferences, workshops and other events from around the world. The content is high-quality, and includes mathematics, life sciences, psychology, technology, journalism and much more.

20. P2PU

This is an acronym for peer to peer university. It is an education project, which encourages lifelong learning. Anyone can participate in their programs, which include courses on web programming.

19. Online Courses

This site offers 100 different courses for all you tech geeks out there. You can access topics such as web design, development and other computer science related projects. They also provide information about some of the best colleges around the world.

18. Lynda

18. Lynda

Lynda’s purpose is to help you learn the business side of being a designer. There are also hundreds of videos that provide in-depth information about popular software programs including Maya, Photoshop and Flash.

17. Udemy

17. Udemy

Ever thought about what you want to be? Well, no matter what you want to be, with the help of Udemy, you can do so. It does not matter if you want to be a mobile developer, a photographer or even a yoga instructor. These guys have it all.

16. Learners TV

Learners TV offers free video lectures that you can download in order to learn at your own pace. They cover all sorts of different topics related to the computer sciences. Each course includes tests so you can gauge what you have learned.

15. ReadWrite

ReadWrite provides all the information you need on technology, the web, and social media. For those who are interested in the dark side of technology, check out their articles on hacking.

14. Radio Lingua

If you’ve always wanted to learn a second language, give Radio Lingua a try. They offer different courses that start you out with the basics, and methodically advance towards developing more complex skills. The lectures are aimed for people of any age and are conducted by native speakers.

13. Busuu

13. Busuu

Another resource for learning languages is Busuu. They offer direct learning from native speakers via video chat. Joining is absolutely free!

12. Udacity

12. Udacity

This free resource provides a different approach to learning in that members engage in solving all sorts of different challenges by interacting with university instructors and other students. Hands-on projects supplement lecture type videos to help you gain the skills you need to match industry demands.

11. OnlineCourses

OnlineCourses provides access to all different kinds of high-quality classes from world-renowned universities that include MIT, the University of California-Berkeley and Harvard. There are a wide variety of topics ranging from languages to biology to math.

10. Education Portal

10. Education Portal

Education Portal offers online courses that prepare you to pass exams for which you can earn real college credit. Their courses cover everything from the arts to sciences. They also have loads of free web design courses.

9. OpenClassroom

OpenClassroom provides a host of video lessons on computer sciences from the faculty at Stanford University. The videos are free and the lessons are usually split up into short chunks so you can study and learn with ease.

8. MIT OpenCourseWare

8. MIT OpenCourseWare

As the name suggests, this resource comes from MIT, and they publish materials from many of the courses they teach. You do not need any registration, and you will have access to free lecture notes, videos and exams.

7. OpenCourseWare

7. OpenCourseWare

This website is a collaboration of hundreds of higher education institutions around the world. Using an open-education model, the site offers endless possibilities for advancing your education.

6. The Faculty Project

6. The Faculty Project

If you wish to learn about something other than the web, give the Faculty Project’s free courses a try. From economics to math to history, there is a wide variety of subject matter for you to investigate.

5. Academic Earth

Academic Earth provides a hand-picked selection of the best lessons available on the open-education market in dozens of content areas. Taken from the best universities in the world, these courses offer a world-class education from the comfort of home. In case you are interested in studying a particular field further, the resource will also allow you to establish connections with universities and scholars around the globe.

4. Course Hero

4. Course Hero

Course hero is basically a storehouse of academic content and support materials. You can ask tutors for help or share your study materials with other users of the site. You can also search for documents just by entering a keyword or even mentioning the school name. Once you register, the resources are absolutely free.

3. edX

3. edX

Another site dedicated to open education, edX offers materials from some of the world’s top universities, including Harvard, MIT, and the University of Texas. If you are looking to take part in online courses from various disciplines that include computer science, give edX a try.

2. Coursera

2. Coursera

Courser has partnered with few of the top universities in the world. They offer free online courses and the lectures are usually by renowned professors. Of course, the lectures cover a wide variety of different disciplines. You will also be given assignments and exercises to help your growth.

1. Webcast.berkeley

1. Webcast.berkeley

Finally, we have the webcasts from the University of California-Berkeley. This is your window into classrooms at Berkeley. They publish courses, campus events and basically any activity their students are involved in. You can learn from anywhere in the world using audio and video lectures. You can even download them for offline viewing.

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