Buying a license and assigning it to a site

To connect your domain to a site, a license needs to be assigned to it. Please follow the steps below to assign a license to the site you want to connect:

1. Click on Manage under the thumbnail of the site you wish to connect. A pop-up window will appear with the current license information for the site and the account.


* If you do not already have a license, you can purchase one by clicking on LicenseBuy Now.


2. If you have a “spare” license you already purchased, choose License> Premium.

To add a new license to the site, choose License> Add a new license.



3. To connect your domain to the site, click on Manage > Domain. A window will open where you can choose to “connect to an existing domain” or a “buy new domain’.


4. To activate your site, login to the editor and click on PUBLISH.  Your site is now up and running!


To disconnect a license and domain from a site, choose License> Disconnect from domain and license. This will allow you to use the license for another site.