Adding Cool Widgets to Your Site

You can use the HTML element (Add an Element> HTML) to add various features and widgets to your site. Below are a few examples you can use.

Pinterest – All the option Pinterest offers including tips for business owners and customized pins. – Creating a pinterest button for your site.

Yelp Widget

Add a widget to inform your visitors of your Yelp presence –

Trip Advisor

Add widgets to display information and reviews on your business –


Add a badge with a link to your Instagram photos –

You can also add an Instagram feed to your site with tools like or

* Make sure your profile is public, or the photos will not be displayed.


You can embed a Google Calendar to your site by following instructions at

Comment Box

Add a comment Box to your site so visitors can leave a message –

Password Protect / Login 

Add a password protected feature to your sites pages –

e-zee INTERNET Counter 

Add a counter to your site to keep track of the number of visits to your site –


Add OpenTable reservations to your website. For Restaurants, cafes and bars –