5. Adding and Customizing Elements

Elements – Adding and Customizing:

In this section you’ll learn how to edit and add elements to your website’s pages: 

- Images: Upload, info-layet, crop, link, align

- Text: Edit, fonts, align, link and advanced settings.

- Videos: Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo

- Picture Galleries: Upload, arrange, info-layer and light-boxes.

- Picture Slideshows: Upload, arrange, info-layer and light-boxes.

- Contact Form: Initial setup and settings.

Embedding external HTML: Scripts and trouble-shooting

- Line: Adding and modifying the width

- Area: Adding, setting and containment

- Widgets: Adding and customizing

- Vimeo

- Google Maps

- SoundCloud

- Jotform – advanced conatct-forms, surveys and payment-forms

- Tumblr – embedding your blog

- Facebook like, like-box and comment-box