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Boost your Etsy business with IM Creator

1.05.14 By Ruthie No comments


Have an Etsy store? Terrific! Now let’s bring lots of traffic and visitors to it.


We love the Etsy community, it is a great and accessible way for people to sell their work and art. We also understand that our customers want flexibility when building their growing brand by having their unique website.

That’s why at IM Creator, we have an easy way to embed your Etsy store to your website. Build your website the way you want it to be – your fonts, galleries, color palette, videos, contact page – and simply add the Etsy store to it.

Start selling on your own website in minutes.


Francesca Mancini is an amazing jewellery designer and has a store on Etsy.

Building her business site on IM Creator, she was able to display her store on the website but also add additional pages about her and her work. This is valuable information that a potential client may miss, with only a slim Etsy page.

Integrate your Etsy shop to your site in 2 simple steps:

1) Create an Etsy mini

2) Add the HTML code of Etsy mini to your site through Add Element > HTML (no coding required :-))



Etsy store integrating perfectly –

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