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Announcing the new IM Creator Affiliate Program

18.12.13 By Erez No comments

Since we first launched in 2011, we’ve had affiliates promoting IM Creator on their websites. Our affiliate program acts as a partnership between IM Creator and affiliates with the goal of spreading the word about IM and today we’re excited to introduce our new IM Affiliate Program, powered by HasOffers’ popular platform.

Now everyone can apply and in no time, start promoting IM Creator using a unique link and track visits. Application approval is usually done on the same day you apply.

In HasOffers, register (or login if you already have an account), click “offers” on the left sidebar and go to “My offers”. You will usually  see 2 offers:

  1. Premium affiliates – will allow you to send traffic to our homepage, our new landing page, or any other page on using the “Add website” in the offer details age.
  2. Promote templates – will allow you to get HTML codes that include a thumbnail image of one of our templates, and a unique link that will direct the traffic to that template’s specific URL.

Affiliate Program Features

  1. Send traffic to any page under using the “add website” feature.
  2. Set a source parameter in order to group and filter statistics in the reports.
  3. Add as many SubIDs parameters to the URL in order to track things better on your side. For example, if you would like to distinct between traffic you generated via paid ads and traffic you sent over via your new blog post you can set SubID1=post or SubID1=cpcprogram features
  4. Add your own pixel to the thank you page in order to track advertising campaigns like AdWords.
  5. Many banners in different styles and sizes for you to use.

A bit more about promoting templates:

In order to promote IM Creator using templates, please download the HTML creative of the template you want. If you would rather use your own code, open the file and:

1) Copy the image and edit it as you wish.

2) Right-click the mouse on the image and ‘copy link address’ to get the relevant link to the image.

Reporting – Things You Should Know

In order to get an input on what’s working and what’s not, there’s an easy to use reporting system you can find on the left sidebar of the control panel.

Since we are tracking both “Free users” and “Premium users”, you will need to add the “Goal” dimension to your reports. Just click “report options” on the top menu of the Reports page and check the “Goal” box.

Reporting screenshot

You can add any type of information that we track to your reports, including Creatives, Countries, Browsers and more.

You can even break down your reports by week/day/hour of the day/etc. and save a report for later use.

Commission Payment

At the moment we only support PayPal for affiliates payment but we have plans to offer more payment options in the future. The initial commission rate is $35 per sale, but we really like to increase it for affiliates who drive a lot of sales or stick with us for a long time.


We love our affiliates and  welcome you to join this unique group and start promoting a website builder you actually like. Sign up today.


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