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20 Fresh Resources For Designers and Developers

6.04.14 By Ali No comments

We have decided to come up with fresh resources for designers and developers everything. These resources (mostly free) are designed to help all you designers and developers in your relative field of work and believe us, they are quite useful and apt at that. These resources can be used for mobile development too along with many other purposes. We scoured the internet to gather these resources and hope that they will help you out in your everyday work making your job effective and efficient. Few tools listed below will help you with the typography as well. Moreover, these tools include jQuery plugins that will take your design to the next the level. We certainly hope that you enjoy reading this list and encourage us to the best of your abilities so we carry on this work for you. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Type Scale

Type Scale

This tool is perfect for font scaling on your website. You can set the base font size, font weight, font family, preview text and the scaling method and you will have the results immediately.

Font Combiner

Font Combiner

If you are very careful about typography and such issues, Font Combiner should come in very handy. Using this tool you can set your own font specifications including hinting, spacing and kerning. You can even download the glyphs in PNG and SVG.



stickUp is a jQuery plugin which would make your elements stick to the top of the browser window which means no matter how much you scroll down, the stuck element would still be visible. This tool is especially useful if you use a single page website.



Jetpack is a particular plugin will boost all the plugins available in your WordPress domain. However, the presentation of those boosted plugins seems slightly out of place. Activation and deactivation of those plugins is also an issue and Rocketeer is here to fix all of that for you.



If you are using a cache plugin you would have noticed that the changes of your files are not updated immediately and you need to move to the browser to see if the changes were implemented. You can replace your cache plugin with Busted and that issue will no longer present itself.



Does this remind you of Iron Man? It sure does to us and by the sound of the name, this plugin should be able to do a lot for you. At least it is the same in principle. See, Jarvis is your personal assistant to help you out of problems just like in Iron Man. The only difference is that this one would only help you navigate through WordPress WP-Admin quickly.



User behavior on any website needs to be analyzed to get insight into a lot of variables. Analytics.js is one tool that would make your average Analytics tool integration trouble free. With this particular script, you can add several analytics providers at once and that too very easily. It will work with Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, Intercom etc.

Code Sniffer


Code Sniffer is a bookmarklet of sorts. It will audit your HTML code structure to see if it complies with the WCAG coding standard. It was built with JavaScript and it can be extended to create developer’s custom code.

App Folders


App Folder is another jQuery plugin which will allow you to group items. It is quite similar to how app grouping works in the iOS. The most important aspect of this particular plugin is that it is responsive.

Face Detection


We are certain that you can guess what this particular plugin holds for you. It is a jQuery plugin to detect faces on pictures and even show coordinates. If you need to develop an application that requires face detection feature, make sure you keep this plugin in mind.



With HTML5, many different types of inputs came into being and a few of these were equipped with Validation. But there are some validity issues since this validation comes from browsers. To fix that, you can use these input along with Fields.js which is a library to manage and validate web form fields.

Photo Swipe


This is a JS library to establish image galleries for mobiles and touch devices. Using this tool, your gallery will be displayed in a much intuitive and familiar way. In touch devices, all you need to do is swipe your fingers. The best part is that iOS, Android, Blackberry, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap, all are supported.

Place It


Imagine you are developing an application for an Apple device and you want to show it off using iPhone, iPad or even iMac mockups. Well, this particular application will provide you with several Apple device models to help you showcase your app in various angles.



Reuze is a font-end development framework designed to help you create semantic HTML5 markup for a blog. It also comes with CSS that holds for the layout style foundation. The application is extendable and can be used in conjunction with other frameworks like Bootstrap as well.
Responsive Design Weekly

Responsive Design Weekly

This particular tool hit it big in 2012 and completely changed the way people build websites. This industry however changes rapidly and it is hard to keep up to date. However, if it is that difficult for you, you might want to sign up here to get all the updates you need.



Scut stands for Sass-CSS Utilities and it is a collection of reusable Sass Mixins and Functions which can then be implemented into common web design patterns and layouts with ease. This would include creating a circle, box alignment, unit conversion, box positioning and triangle.



This is a very light JS library for image lazy-load. It will allow you to load images on demand which is to say they will only load when they would be viewed. It increase the load performance of your webpage and this script is purely based on JavaScript.
Spell Checker


We are sure you can understand what Spell Checker is for. It is a lightweight jQuery plugin that will help you identify and correct your spelling and it includes suggestions for replacement words.


Scorlling is a very basic part of browsing a website. This particular application will make the entire process very outstanding. It is a jQuery plugin which allows you to do some cool stuff while scrolling like animation and transition effects.


Devdocs will collect a number of API documentation and present them to you in a very organized and friendly manner. At this particular time, this tool holds around 25 Docs including CSS, WordPress and jQuery.


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