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20 Free iPhone Apps PSD Resources for Web Designers

13.04.14 By Ali No comments

Several applications are being created every single day. Most designers have already worked on or are working now on the design of application interfaces, mobile websites and even desktop websites using iPhone related elements.

If you are a designer, one thing is for certain and we are sure you will agree. It is always better to have a template then to actually start a design from scratch. You might already know our beautiful website templates we created just for mobile apps, but to make your job even easier we have collected 20 Free iPhone Apps PSD Resources from all over the internet and we certainly hope you will find something that fits you. As always, thank you for your comments and opinions.

Fresh IPhone UI Kit

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-18

20 iPhone Angles

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-10

iPhone 5 Grid PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-11

iPhone Wood Bookcase UI PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-12

Leather IOS Menubar PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-19

Free IPhone UITabBar PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-20

AppView: Free iPhone App UI Theme

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-1

iPhone 4 Icon PSD file

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-2

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-7

iPhone Interface with Slider Selector

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-8

Apple IOS 7 Status Bar PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-9

Pixel Perfect App Icons

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-13

iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S)

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-14

Mini App Mockup (PSD)

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-3

Retina iOS App Icon Template PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-4

iPhone 4 UI Kit (PSD)

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-5

iPhone App Template

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-6


iPhone Apps PSD Resources-15

Passbook IOS6 App UI PSD

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-16

Tooltip IOS App UI

iPhone Apps PSD Resources-17



1. Delivery Method

5 Aspects of User-Friendly Notifications

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App design is as unquestionably tricky as it is competitive; there are just so many aspects that need to be taken into consideration, including one which is too often ignored: notifications. Notifications serve a very simple purpose: to update app users...

4. Sketch Tips
10. GIMP

50 Free Toggle, Switch, Button PSD Designs

3.07.14 By Ali No comments

So you are creating a brand new website and you need some toggle buttons and switches. What do you do? For those of you who don't have the time or the Photoshop skills to create them yourselves, the internet has answers - and we have already found them...

Notification Box PSDs-39