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15 Creative Flat Resume Designs

16.01.14 By Ali No comments

Create a beautiful resume website with a flat design concpet! Many people are using IM Creator to build a beautiful resume website to help HR recruiters to find them and understand what they are all about.

Get Inspired by These Beautiful Resume Websites Design

Recession haunts the world, we see contraction in every business and a general slowdown in economic activity and so many people have lost their jobs as the global financial meltdown increases. Unemployment rates are going toward upward around the world and it has become more difficult to get a good job easily.

When you go for a job interview you see so many good and potential candidates out there, so the question is what to do to impress the interviewer and stand out from the rest? If you are planning to do a job, the very first thing you have to do is to make your resume. As we all know resume is a document in which you present your backgrounds, skills and a summary of relevant job experience and education etc.

As our resume is our first impression on the interviewer we have to make sure that our resume is interesting, creative eye-catching and unique. For any job interview it is very important to grab the attention of the interviewer and stand out from the crowd.

This time we decided to look outside of IM Creator websites to show you some interesting flat resume designs:

Resume Flat Web Design


Flat Resume – Virtual Business Card PSD


FlatCV – vCard Resume PSD Template


Resume Flat Design Timeline


Redesigning my Personal Site v2


Resume dashboard


Free Flat Resume Template


Resume Interface


My resume


Flat Resume Set in 5 Variations


Curriculum: web, mobile and print


Flat Resume


Flat & Minimal Resume


Flat and Clean Resume


Simple Flat Resume

Simple Flat Resume

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